2018 Weekly Studio Classes Delayed

I've been having this recurring dream lately: I'm in the studio setting up for class and everyone begins to arrive - but I'm not ready! The tables are missing, the lights won't go on... and then the floor disappears and turns to dirt... But everyone keeps on painting and asking questions and needing help and wanting coffee an cake!

Oh, my painting peeps... all my dear, sweet, devoted, slightly whacky painting peeps! You even haunt my dreams! I was so wanting to play with you again starting this week, but it saddens me that we have to delay our reunion. As you know, we've been waiting since October for construction to begin on our septic system replacement, a major undertaking that will involve all the ground surrounding the studio as well as the parking area. Well, last week the back-hoe and tank arrived.  Stop. Nothing since. I suspect that this earth-moving event will continue this week - just in time to interfere with our class schedule. Now that's a nightmare!

So, my dear peeps, I'll let you know how the rest of the story unfolds. In the meantime...

I'll see you in my dreams!