August gotcha hot? "Paint Cool Pops"!

Rainbow Popcicle by Laure Paillex 2020Cool and fruity color theory!

Complimentary watermelons, analogous mangos and grapes, full-spectrum rainbow flavors for mid-summer treats!

There's a lot of playful sweetness to enjoy in this new online class with Lauré and friends.  Not only will we experiment with color combinations, but we'll also discover ways to add texture to our luscious watercolor creations.

I had such fun playing with this theme that I just had to turn it into a class to share with my painting friends!  It would be hard to choose a favorite among them.  I've always loved the pure, bright colors of a rainbow... but I love the frosty texture of watermelon, too... and the pineapple/mango combination looks so real you can almost taste it!  What will your favorite be?

"Cool Pops" is the first of our ongoing series of online classes.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting quarantine and social distancing mandates put an end to our in-person classes - after a 45-year run.  That's more than four decades of designing, teaching, sharing, and serving my painting friends  - from nearby neighbors to many around the world. How blessed I am!

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and I'm ever so thankful that modern technology enables us to make the leap from 1975 to 2020!  In a mere 4 months, the world has changed and we have no choice but to change with it.  After all, there's no growth without change, right?  Change can be exciting, motivating, stimulating!

Investments have been made in computer upgrades, editing programs, social media service providers, cameras, lighting, and other necessary equipment.  Uncounted hours have been spent learning new programs and developing the framework for marketing and taking our classes online.  And, I admit, I need my painting fans to cheer me on as I navigate the learning curves on the information highway.

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