The Big Dig

Work is progressing slowly but steadily on the Big Dig - the replacement of our septic system. The process began last August when we decided it was time to put our home on the market and down-size to a more efficient living space. It came as an utter shock to me to find that our septic system failed the Title V inspection! I had gone through the process of installing a new system when I purchased the property 31 years ago - a real battle with civil engineers, town boards and contractors - but, since I was three decades younger than I am today, I had the energy and the vision to tackle the project. Fast forward to 2018... déja vu!

Because our lovely home is situated on a lot surrounded by wetlands - overlooking the saltwater bay to the front and the cranberry bogs in the back -  the only way to install the environmentally approved system is to remove the old one and place the new one surrounding the studio wing and under the driveway.  Hence: the Big Dig.

We are thankful for the excellent advice, knowledge and expertise of our contractor Jerry Richmond and our engineering team at Green Seal Environmental. Although the journey has been long due to the permitting process, seasonal weather and holidays, once this work is completed and the landscaping restored, our beautiful property will be ready to present to the future new owners - whoever they may be.

Someone once said, "Mid-stream is the hardest place to be. You can't turn back. You must continue steadily moving forward, keeping your eye on the distant shore until you reach the other side." How true.