"Brand" New Style Guide

Brand and Inspiration Board by Laure Paillex ©2017I have to admit that I spend lots of time surfing the internet for new and interesting idea prompts and resources.  The fact that Pinterest has become such a wild success proves that I'm not the only one addicted to the click! In addition to my online Pinned collections I have dozens of file folders, notebooks and scrap boxes filled with semi-organized notes and clippings: favorite color schemes, quotes, idea sketches, etc.  After awhile we begin to see a pattern emerge out of the "clutter" - something we can recognize as a personal taste or style.   We're drawn to certain colors, themes and styles that make us feel content and secure... happy.  Subconsciously, we identify with the elements we are attracted to.

"Branding" is the term professionals and businesses use when referring to their public identity. It includes the basic design elements that should remain constant wherever that business is represented - website, emails, social media, packaging and printed materials - even theme music!  Think Coca-Cola or Martha Stewart.  A Style Guide is essential to keep all these various elements consistent.

A Style Guide is an organized layout of elements that reflect the character or personality of a company's image or brand. The best styles are current yet timeless, consistent yet flexible,  and easily identifyable  with the work or product they aim to represent.  That's quite a job descripton!

So, over the winter months I set out to define the colors, type fonts, logos and images that best represent "Laure Paillex Art and Design".  After many hours of experimenting and tweaking, here's my first professional Style Guide!  What do you think? 

Here's a list of a few resources and tools I used to create my board:

What colors and styles might represent your unique personality?