"Cape Cod Canal - Late Summer"

In my 40-plus years of teaching local painting classes there is only one subject request that I have declined (refused, to be honest) to pursue: the bridges over the Cape Cod Canal.  Just the thought of suffering through all those straight lines and details - and enduring the endless whining that would go with it - stiffened my resolve.  The answer is "No."   Until several weeks ago.

Our friend Joanie brought up the subject again in class.  I gave my usual answer (somewhat sarcastically, I'm ashamed to say), and I immediately repented for being so insensitive.  Just then an idea popped into my brain:  we could adhere a print onto a surface, enhance the colors with acrylic paints and add texture with clear gel medium.  The finished artwork would have the color, detail and texture of an oil painting!  Would it work?  Yes, by golly, it did!  (And Joanie was delighted with her painting after waiting for so many years!)

So, one afternoon during our August break I took a drive to the south side of the Bourne Bridge and walked along the canal searching for an interesting view of the Railroad Bridge.  With iPhone in hand I scooted down the embankment toward the rocks to get a better vantage point - watching for briars and poison ivy while managing to keep my footing.  Note to reader:  it's a lot easier to slide down an embankment than it is to climb back up it!  But I did get a number of good photo shots out of the adventure, and I combined parts of several images to create the final composition. 

The next step is to scan the original painting, make a laser print, and enhance the color and texture.  I'll share the final results along with an original camera shot in a future post.  Happy painting!