Chalky Finish Paints - Transforming Trash to Tres Chic!

This sad little side table followed us from Maine and hid in the basement for a few years patiently waiting for a total make-over.  It was dirty, scuffed and nicked, and the varnish on the top was worn off in places.  Poor baby! 

I'd been wanting to try DecoArt's new Chalky Finish product line, and this little gem seemed to be the perfect test subject!  The instructions on the product label assured me that no elaborate prep work was needed - a big plus!  A thorough scrubbing with a little Top Job, rinse clean and wipe dry - ready to paint!

DecoArt Chalky Finish "Vintage" was used for the base coat.

Tip: When painting furniture (such as tables and chairs) it is best to turn the piece upside-down and paint all the undersides and legs first. 

Tip: I use empty plastic cups (the kind that individual servings of pudding or kitty food come in) to suspend my painting surface above the work table.  When I flipped the table over, I rested the freshly painted legs inside the cups.

Tip: For ease of application, apply paint with a wide flat nylon brush. The paint covers well and should flow on smoothly.  Let the paint dry thoroughly between layers.

This is what the table top looked like after just one coat of Chalky Finish paint. If I had wanted a very rustic look, I could have applied my stencil and then simply sanded away some of the paint along the edges.  But I still wanted to play, so...

I found some decorative wood scraps in my "junk drawer" and thought they would add some textural interest to the plain legs.  A little glue held them in place easily.  A few little raised beads of Paper Effects dimensional paint finished off the rows of trim.


Once the embellishments were secure, I gave the entire table another coat of "Vintage" and let it dry.

Next, an old white candle was used as "wax resist". Random patches of wax were scrubbed onto the top and along the edges - wherever I wanted the surface to look "worn".

Then a coat of Chalky Finish "Lace" (a soft white) was applied.  As soon as it was dry to the touch I sanded away some of the "Lace" paint to reveal the "Vintage" basecoat which was protected by the wax resist.  A little more sanding in selected areas revealed some of the original varnished wood.  I utilized parts of two DecoArt Vintage French stencils (Flower Market and French Bakery address) with "Relic" Chalky Finish paint to decorate the table top.  The entire piece was finished with an application of DecoArt Soft Creme Wax.  Ta-DAH-H-H!  Priceless!