Easter Greetings

Easter blessings to my sweet painting peeps! 

It's exciting to witness how Christians are engaging new ways of "doing church" during this unprecedented global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By utilizing social media, live-streaming, and video conferencing we are connecting with each other and with the world to celebrate the Good News of Christ's resurrection.  A congregation in Plymouth - New Hope Chapel - is having "Drive-In Church" in a big store parking lot where people/families can stay in their cars (social distancing) and use their smartphones to stream the live music and message being presented on the outdoor stage!  Praise the Lord and honk for Jesus!   

While watching how my own church and others have quickly responded and adapted to the new realities of living in the year 2020, the one thing that has impressed me most is their courage to step out and do something new. Just go for it.  Yes, there were glitches with the audio.  The video production wasn't very slick (I'm being kind here). There were missteps and bloopers. But the people and the content were genuine and powerful and uplifting.  Inspiring!

So, my peeps, no more excuses, no more procrastinating, no more waiting until my hair and makeup are perfect (yeah, right). I've decided to just go for it!  We'll soon have video tutorials, online classes, and a private Facebook group where my special painting friends can connect, share ideas, and receive extra goodies just for checking in.  Check your email for details to be announced as the journey unfolds!

Until then, I'm wishing you all a Happy Eastertide!

Painterly yours,  Laure