Free Online Classes in June!

Join Lauré & friends in our new online studio/classroom using ZOOM on your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone! Simply download the ZOOM app onto your device, set up a free ZOOM account, and log in to our classroom using either the direct link or the ID and passwords sent to you via Invitation Email. Join us for an hour of instruction, inspiration, and encouragement!

TUESDAY @ 10:00 AM (through June 30, 2020)

FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM (through June 26, 2020)

Paint along with Lauré or just watch and enjoy the live demonstration. There will be time for questions and show-and-tell following the demo.  These FREE CLASSES are designed for painters of all skill levels and use just a few basic supplies to create beautiful, unique artworks painted by YOU!

Here's a list of the standard supplies we've been using for all our lessons:


  • Either Acrylic Paints (in Bold print) or Watercolors (in light print): Yellow Light or (WC) Lemon Yellow; Tuscan Red or Alizarin Crimson or (WC) Alizarin; True Blue, Ultramarine Blue, or Phalo Blue or (WC) Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine; Dragonfruit or (WC) Opera/Opus bright pink; Dioxazine Purple or (WC) Cobalt Purple
  • A large round brush - size 6 or larger
  • A sheet of Watercolor paper - 140 lb. (9"x12" size)
  • Optional: WC Greeting cards/Envelopes (5"x7" size)
  • Ruler, a pencil, a fine line art pen or brush-tip marker, scissors (deckled edge scissors are optional)
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