The Girl Who Had No Charm

Do you ever wish you could spend an entire weekend playing with all your art stuff - paints, brushes, tools, papers, scissors, stamps, beads - whatever!  No interruptions, no expectations, no demands.  Just you and your adventurous spirit of imagination.  Well, last weekend's snowy, icy, sleeting "blizzard" blessed me with just such an opportunity - a chunk of time to really dig in and immerse my brain in creative possibilities!  Nagging voices, be silent!  Laundry can wait!  Whining critic, be still!  My goal is to have funl!  Mission accomplished!

Years ago I collected old (really old) books and magazines.  Some of my favorites are editions of Ladies Home Journal and The Woman's Home Companion from the 1910 - 1940 eras.  Not only are the ads and fashion illustrations delightful, but the stories and editorial content are fascinating, also.  "The Girl Who Had No Charm", a feature story from the May, 1910 edition of the LH Journal, was the inspiration for my more stylized, contemporary portrait of a young woman.  Although she is often critical of herself as being deficient in the areas of charm and talent, others soon recognize her strength, inner beauty and grace.  Isn't it true?  We don't really know our hidden gifts and resources until we're challenged to stretch our boundries and adjust our thinking!   Sometimes, just having fun doing something you love is the catalyst for a chain of new ideas!