Ornament Exchange DAY 3

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"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him"  Romans 15:13

It's Day 3 of our Ornament Exchange 2017 Blog Hop and I'm so happy to share this contented little fellow with you!  I do hope you enjoy painting him as much as I did.  You can follow the steps directly from the blog post here or you can click on the link at the end of the post to download the free e-packet.  Joy and peace to you!

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SURFACE: Mitten Cutout Ornament No.31-L362 from Cupboard Distributors

ACRYLIC PAINTS by DecoArt:  DA001 Snow White;  DA318 Blue Haven;  DA283 Blue Harbor;  DA324 Watermelon Slice;  DA329 Bright Salmon;  DA007 Moon Yellow;  DA082 Evergreen;  DA242 Fawn;  DA130 Raw Umber;  DA304 Zinc;  DA155 Soft Black

SUPPLIES: DecoArt Multi-Purpose Sealer;  DecoArt Sno-Tex or Snow Writer;  DecoArt Glamour Dust Liquid - Crystal (a liquid crystal glitter product); DecoArt DuraClear Water Base Satin Varnish or Star-Lite Varnish; a small foam-type snowflake stamp or stencil;  a small fine-textured sponge

BRUSHES by Lowe-Cornell:  Series 7300 flats sizes 10 and 12;  Series 7500 filbert size 6;  Series 7000 round size 3;  Series JS Mid-Liner size 10/0

OTHER:  tracing paper, No. 2 graphite pencil, stylus, masking tape, palette knife, stick-on crystal snowflake is optional


1. Basecoat your surface on all sides with a mixture of equal parts Sealer + Blue Haven.  Let dry.  Sand lightly to remove raised fibers if needed.


2.  Using a small, fine-textured sponge, apply a top coat of Blue Haven and Blue Harbor by picking up each color separately and dabbing onto the surface to achieve a softly mottled background.  Keep the darker values at the outside edges as shown below.

3.  Apply Snow White snowflake images onto the background using either a foam stamp or a small stencil  and a fine sponge.  Overlap the images and let some fall off the edge as shown.  Let dry.

4.  Brush a thin wash of Snow White over the entire background to soften the images.  Blot gently with a soft paper towel to add even more texture and pattern interest.  Let dry.

5.  Print out the pattern and copy the basic lines onto both sides of a piece of tracing paper.  To transfer the pattern to your prepared surface secure it in place with masking tape and go over the lines using a stylus.  No graphite paper is needed since the pencil lines on the underside of the tracing will transfer onto the surface.  Click here to download and print the pattern, or go to the end of the post to get the full e-packet.

556 Peace-mitten-6556 Peace Mitten Pattern

6.  Develop the painting using quick, light strokes and slightly thinned paints.  The size, shape and texture of the area being painted should suggest which size and shape brush to be used.

  • Develop the nest with filbert strokes using Fawn.  Pick up a little Raw Umber in your brush to place shading strokes.
  • Breast and face are worked using a filbert brush with a mixture of White + Fawn
  • Back and wing areas are painted light gray by adding a touch of Zinc to the dirty (White + Fawn) brush.
  • Top of his head and his eye are a mixture of White + Zinc.  Use a small round brush that has been loaded with paint and the bristles flattened into a "filbert" shape to spread out the bristles.  Apply paint with the flat side of the brush to fill in an area; use the knife edge to make fine detail strokes.
  • Paint his beak Moon Yellow.
  • Place branches in brown tones as shown below.


7.  Detail the nest and the birdie with fine over-strokes using the round and 10/0 liner brushes.  Keep your strokes light and loose, and us thinned paint to achieve fine lines.  Add fine downy feathers to the bird, fluffing up his breast with Snow White.  Add wing feathers and place details on the beak by adding a contented smile line with Raw Umber.  Overstrokes and vines on the nest are Soft Black.


8.   Add needles to the branches by loading Evergreen onto a size 10 flat brush and tapping the knife edge along the branch line beginning at the tip and work backwards along the branch line.

556-Peace-step 8

9.  Add final details to the bird and nest, and place snow texture and sparkle.

  • Brighten his loose, downy feathers with more Snow White.
  • Add pale blushes of thinned Watermelon + Snow White mix to his cheek, beak, chin and lower breast.
  • Place colorful berries on the vines using the handle end of a brush dipped in mixtures of Watermelon, Bright Salmon and Snow White.
  • Let it snow!  Tap Snow White onto the pine needles using the knife edge of the size 10 flat brush.  Swipe strokes of snow onto the nest. Scatter white snowy dots all over, touching the wet dots with your fingertip to soften and repeat.  Add texture to the fallen snow with Snow-Tex as indicated below.  (NOTE:  A little white paint can be added to the Snow-Tex to help make it more manageable.)  Let dry.

556-Peace-closeup10.  Lettering - Trace and transfer the "Peace" lettering or you may choose to use the top space for the year or for the name of someone special.  Here, I stroked the letters with Moon Yellow, shaded with Fawn and highlighted with dots of Snow WhiteBlue Harbor was used for the drop shadow at the left and bottom of each line section.

11. Add sparkle to the snow with Glamour Dust Liquid - Crystal.

12.  Finishing - Varnish with Dura-Clear Satin Water Base Varnish or with DecoArt Star-Lite Top Coat.  A self-adhesive crystal snowflake can be applied once the varnish is thoroughly dry.


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