A Season of Change

714 Head of the BayChange!  We have been anticipating and preparing for a big lifestyle "change" for at least a year, perhaps even longer.  But it was last September, exactly twelve months ago, that we finally decided to put our lovely bayside home on the market and make a transition to condo living. I prefer not to call it "downsizing" - that seems to infer that our lives are shrinking in some way.  Nay!  We envision that our move to a new, energy-efficient townhouse with beautifully designed open-concept living space and a master suite on the main floor will give us more freedom to pursue the things we enjoy.  Alas, we are still waiting for our vision to materialize.

Anticipating and preparing is no guarantee that the process will be easy or the road smooth!  We hit our first giant pothole when we found out our septic system failed inspection and needed replacement. After six months of working with environmental engineers, contractors and town officials ($$$), the work was finally completed at the end of February - just in time for the March snow storm/typhoons.  By May we were ready to get serious about selling and moving.  Every weekend we dug out, sorted, tossed, and packed and moved to storage, 30+ years worth of papers and useless or unusable "stuff".  It was like pulling the filling out of a pillow - the more you pull, the more the contents expand!  Yet, we continued to hold weekly painting classes in the studio through the first week in August, and our realtor scheduled several open house events as well.

Finally, in June, we had buyer for our house. The unusually wet and wild spring weather had delayed work on our new home, and the closing date was moved, first to late August and then to early-September.  Just when it looked as if everything was falling into place perfectly, we hit another pothole!   The sale fill through.  Poof! 

Next... real estate brokers, lawyers, bankers, and a move to our new condo at the end of September. If God wills it.  In the meantime, while this lovely bayside home is still ours, we will continue to have our weekly daytime painting classes here on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning the week of October 2nd.  

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord!"  Psalm 27:14
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