Snow... Snow... Go Away!

January Blizzard 2015The Great Blizzard of 2015 barrelled through our yard leaving an interesting pattern of bare frozen ground and 6-foot drifts.  Luckily the power lines held in our area - although we are prepared for such an event with an automatic power generator system.  Getting into the house from the street, however, is a major problem.  The wind piled up the snow into an 8-foot drift blocking the front deck studio entry and buried my car parked near the steps.  The town road plows have blocked us in from the street.  Our snowplow guy broke his plow frame early in the evening just before he started clearing our parking area - so he left the plow in the driveway and headed off to get the frame welded.  Haven't heard how that's going - the plow is still sittin' there.  Oh fiddle-dee-dee...

This afternoon our young friend Johnny came over with his shovel.  Between the two of us (and some help from his mom) we got the decks cleared, my car shoveled out, a path cleared for one car to get through to the street, and the driveway edged along the cobblestones so the plow driver can discern where to drop the blade (once the truck is fixed, that is...).

So-o-o, there are no painting classes this week.  I trust that by next Tuesday we'll be all plowed out and everyone will have a safe place to park.  Be well and keep cozy!  See you next week - February!