Staying Connected While "Isolating"

It's a marvelous age we live in...

Every decade, every century in the recorded history of mankind has had its challenges and trials to face. Wars, plagues, economic collapses, natural disasters and combinations of turmoils are not uncommon, they are facts of life in this broken world.  Somehow, it seems more personal when these events interrupt our twenty-first-century daily lives.  No toilet paper!  Social "distancing"!  Three weeks stuck at home with a house full of kids - or a retired husband!  Why is the internet so s-l-o-w! 

Take a breath.  Let's get a little perspective.  Yes, the threat of contagion and illness is to be taken seriously. Yes, we all must be wise and take the very simple, basic steps to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy - proper hand-washing, cough into your elbow, avoid crowds/handshakes, self-quarantine if symptoms of illness are present.  These are all practices that we should adopt as natural habits. (Perhaps that's easy for introverts and germaphobes like myself to say! :)  But there's one other habit that is guaranteed to help cure the Covid-19 blues - the habit of GRATEFULNESS.

  • We live in an age of global communication that allows us to share information that will save lives
  • We live in an age of science and technology that enables us to quickly combat and cure illness
  • We live in an age of abundance that, with wise management, can sustain our needs during a crisis
  • We live in an age of hope and generosity that motivates us to share our abundance with others

Our Gratitude Lists could go on and on - even beyond the day that this nasty virus has been conquered and we're once again free to go about our normal daily routines.  Perhaps, when this is all over, we'll have a clearer perspective of our unique place in our communities as well as our time in world history.

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me (Jesus) you may have peace.  In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."  John 16:33