Winter Storm Class Cancellations

Silly Snowflake Face by Laure PaillexOld Man Winter seems to have arrived early this year!  The temperatures have been unseasonably cold, and tomorrow promises rain, sleet, and snow - and it's only the 2nd of December!  So, with tomorrow's class cancellations, I thought it would be a good idea to review our class cancellation announcement system.

Class Cancellation Announcements will be made via email as soon as possible and at least one hour before class time.  The cancellation will also be noted here on our website Blog Page and on the Calendar Page. Nearly everyone has email now (you three hold-outs know who you are), so that is the first line of communication for us.  Our email service provider has an analytics feature that can show who opened or did not open the email (Big Brother is watching you!).  This feature tells me who I should send a follow-up call or text to.

A text will be sent out to those who have cellphone numbers indicated on our class list.  Please reply "OK" to confirm you received the message.  Finally, if you are the very rare and special 20th Century creature who has neither computer nor cellphone, I'll hop into my Way Back Machine and call you by telephone.

Is this a lot of work?  Yes.  But you're health and safety are worth it.