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laure paillex self portrait 2019

Welcome, painting friend!  I'm Lauré Paillex (pronounced: Laur-ay Pay-lex) and I've been passionate about drawing, painting, and making cool stuff since childhood (a long time ago!).  Although I'm largely self-taught, I've developed my skills through decades of independent study, diverse art courses, and associations with other talented artists.  My heartfelt desire is to help you benefit from my experience of more than 40 years as a professional designer, teacher, and author of art instruction books, videos, and painting tutorial packets.

The goal of my online classes and tutorials is to help you learn to express your artist within, to discover the wonder of making authentic art, and to enjoy the freedom of painting intuitively and quickly without overthinking.  Through fun exercises, step-by-step projects, and digital resource materials, you'll soon be able to quiet your inner critic and find joy in the process of art-making! 

For many years I enjoyed exhibiting and teaching at locations around the United States and internationally as well as at my home studio, Cranberry Painter Decorative Arts, a charming vintage farmhouse with nature and saltwater views of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My husband Andre and I recently "retired" to a new townhome near the beach where we can enjoy pursuing our favorite pastimes. With your support, I can continue doing the things I love - creating and sharing video tutorials, hosting online classes, and producing new, fun-to-paint watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media art projects for aspiring artists of all skill levels.  Thank you for joining me on the winding path of this exciting art-filled journey!

Painterly yours, Lauré


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