Cape Cod Map - Handpainted by Laure Paillex ©2017 Autumn...
Bright yellow, red, and orange,
The leaves come down in hosts;
The trees are Indian Princes,
But soon they'll turn to Ghosts!
William Allingham

The colorful fall harvest season is my favorite time of year.  I just love the bright foliage, the clear azure skies and brilliant sunsets, the sound of dry leaves crunching under foot, the brisk October air and my favorite wool blazer, the inviting smell of cranberry bread baking in the oven.  A feast for the senses! 

Yes, change is in the air.  Big and exciting changes!  We have been happily painting together here at our Cranberry Painter Studio since 1986 - thirty-one years of happy memories with wonderful friends!  From our humble beginnings in "Studio B" (the basement, that is!), through all the building projects and renovations, to the beautiful water view classroom we enjoy today, my dear painting peeps have been here for me.  I am truly blessed.  Now it's time for a new adventure.  Our lovely vintage farmhouse with views of Buttermilk Bay and cranberry bogs has been listed for sale with a realtor, and we've been working like crazy to get all the rooms and the yard landscaping detailed and in showcase condition for viewing.  Who knew you could collect so much stuff in Thirty-one years?

What are our future plans?  We hope to continue with our on-going weekly classes until the house is sold.   I'm looking for an alternative venue where we can paint and create together locally.  My website and online store will continue, and I want to expand the digital design aspect of my work.  A smaller home and a more simple lifestyle will allow me more time to do what I love the most!  There are so many blank spaces in our plans right now, but I believe God is faithful to provide for all our needs.   I'm excited to see what excellent plan He has and what new adventures await!
Thank you for spending time with us.  Please come back and visit often.  Our painting friends are always welcome!


Take a video tour of Cranberry Painter Decorative Arts Studio!  View our spacious, bright classroom overlooking cranberry bogs, woodlands and saltwater views of Buttermilk Bay on Cape Cod.  Since 1986, friendship, encouragement, and painting fun are always on the schedule!  Come, be inspired, and be welcomed by our group of creative friends.

Click on our door in the photo to enter. (YouTube link)


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