Cape Cod Map - Handpainted by Laure Paillex ©2017 Begin today...

Summertime is winding down and our lives are as busy as ever. We still have so much to do and fewer resources with which to do it.  Yes, there's always something we plan to do "as soon as" ... school's back in session... (insert event) is over... (insert chore) is done.  We never run out of excuses for postponing things that will change our routines or stretch our abilities and imaginations. 

So, again, here's a challenge:

     Determine to do one creative thing today that will interrupt those old "as soon as" excuses!

  • Take a walk - observe closely the details and textures of common things: collect leaves, grasses, moss, stones
  • Start a mini-journal to draw and record your thoughts and observations
  • Go to a paint store and collect paint chips of your favorite colors
  • Make a little piece of art and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find
  • Count your blessings.  Illustrate your list.

Life is a gift, and time, like all our other resources, is a tool to be managed wisely and creatively.  Our days should include work and play, solitude and companionship, growth and rest - all lived from a thankful heart.  Explore the creative possibilities each day brings. Remember: "forever is composed of Nows"!

Thank you for spending time with us.  Please come back and visit often.  Our painting friends are always welcome!


Take a video tour of Cranberry Painter Decorative Arts Studio!  View our spacious, bright classroom overlooking cranberry bogs, woodlands and saltwater views of Buttermilk Bay on Cape Cod.  Since 1986, friendship, encouragement, and painting fun are always on the schedule!  Come, be inspired, and be welcomed by our group of creative friends.

Click on our door in the photo to enter. (YouTube link)


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