"Art to Heart" Free Online Special

Friday, January 29th @ 7:00 PM (Eastern Time/US)

Spread the love!  January's Free for Friends Friday is a Valentine Special for you and your friends to enjoy.  We'll have a little drawing lesson showing you how to make a perfect heart stencil template, then we'll use our templates to "fill our hearts with love" (lovely brushstrokes, that is)!  Use watercolors or thinned acrylic paints - you could even make pretty designs using brush-markers as well.  What better way to celebrate the end of January 2021? 

You're welcome to extend invitations to your friends for this Free for Friends Friday online class.  "Art-to-Heart" is FREE, but participants must register and complete "Checkout" information in order to access and download the Class Information File containing a supplies list, photos, worksheet, and Zoom Meeting codes.  Love to you!