Freefor Friends Friday- "Autumn Asters"

Friday, September 25th at 7:00 PM

Let's paint "Autumn Asters" on Free for Friends Friday - September Edition!  Who can resist these petite fall flowers with their beautiful blue-violet petals?  They can be easily painted using only one brush for petals, stems, centers, and leaves... and we'll all a few little bees or a butterfly to balance out our arrangements.  We'll have a little drawing lesson, too, before we begin painting. Doesn't that sound like a fun way to spend a Friday evening? 

All you need are a few basic supplies: A round brush with a good point size 4 or 6, watercolor paper or a watercolor sketchbook, pencil and art eraser, watercolor paints - violet/purple, cobalt or ultramarine blue, yellow light, raw sienna (a golden brown hue), black and white.  (white acrylic may be substituted - only a touch may be needed).   Check out my BLOG post, "Needful Things" for links to some of my favorite supplies and sources.

This class is FREE, but PLEASE REGISTER THROUGH OUR SHOPPING CART CHECKOUT page to receive the .PDF file containing Zoom Log-in Codes!  Also, please be sure you are on our Email List - and invite your friends - in order to receive class news and updates! 

Invite your friends, too, and join us on Friday evening!