"A Spring Cottage"

An Irish Spring conjures up visions of patch-worked fields of green dotted with white wooly sheep, straw-colored thatch-roofed cottages, ancient stone walls, and distant hills rising up from the mist. On my first trip to Ireland (some years ago), I was amazed by the colors - first from above as our descending airplane broke through the clouds to reveal the emerald landscape below, and then by the tropical turquoise-blue of the west coast and Galway Bay.  Not even the "mornin' mist" (what we New Englanders call "fog") could completely subdue the rugged beauty of the Cliffs.  I do long to visit there again one day.  For now, I'll take a "virtual" trip by way of paper and paintbrush.  Won't you join me?

"A Spring Cottage" is painted in watercolor on 140 lb. Cold Press paper (sized 9 in. x 12 in.).  You may re-size the pattern to fit within the mat size you might wish to use. 

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