"Holiday Poinsettias" Watercolor E-Packet

"Holiday Poinsettias" Watercolor E-Packet
Pink and White Poinsettias painted in watercolor

New! "Holiday Poinsettias" Lookbook E-packet

What could be prettier than an arrangement of pink and white poinsettias nestled among sprigs of fragrant pine and dusty purple berries?  You'll complete this beautiful watercolor painting in time to put on display for the holidays.  Or, consider creating "designer" Christmas cards by scanning your work and sending it to an online printer.  This beautiful composition uses the complementary palette of pastel reds and greens to convey the Christmas theme. Be sure to download the TWO .PDF files that go with this e-packet.  The first contains the complete instructions Lookbook.  The second file includes a large color photo, the line template, and I've also included several bonus motifs for you to use on smaller projects.  The main pattern fits size 9 in. x 12 in. watercolor paper which fits beneath an 11 in. x 14 in. mat (7.5 in. x 9.5 in. opening).  The complete supplies list is included in the instructions.

Remember to find joy in the process of art-making this season - there's no better way to relieve stress and calm the soul. Happy painting!

What is a Lookbook E-packet?  Similar to a PowerPoint presentation, your Lookbook E-packet is a .pdf file that you download and save to your computer.  Each page contains step-by-step painting instructions or notes, as well as color photos corresponding to each step. Additionally, there can be live links directing you to further content such as video clips or other free resources.  Because of its .pdf format, the content can be easily enlarged to show photo details, and you can print out any page(s) if you prefer working from a "hard" copy.  I know you'll enjoy using this new, improved e-packet format!