Summer sun, sand and sea ...

  • I was in the Harbor, snug as I could be - Pierrot whistled down the wind, "Oh, come out to Sea!"
  • Author Unknown

Summer Life on the Coast...

Being born into an old New England family who for generations has drawn their life from the sea, I can easily imagine that there's salt water coursing through my veins.  Indeed, I feel like a "fish out of water" whenever I'm too far from the sound of ocean waves and the scent of salty air!  (Sand in my shoes and rocks in my head!)

Not surprisingly, my favorite art subjects are those inspired by the rugged beauty of the Northeast Coast - from the sand of Cape Cod to the granite ledges of Maine; from whimsical mermaids to natural studies of shells and wildflowers. What inspires you to create art?  What is your favorite subject, theme or color palette?  Why not take time to explore and enjoy the things that bring you happiness and peace. Then use the tools of your creativity - pencil, pen, marker or brush - to express your love, appreciation and gratitude for a life greatly blessed!

The adventure lies outside your comfort zone!

Thank you for spending time with us.  Please come back and visit often.  Our painting friends are always welcome!


Cranberry Painter Decorative Arts Studio offers a spacious, bright classroom overlooking cranberry bogs, woodlands and saltwater views of Buttermilk Bay on Cape Cod.  Since 1986, friendship, encouragement, and painting fun are always on the schedule!  Come, be inspired, and be welcomed by our group of creative friends.


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