Summer by the Sea 2015 Lauré PaillexWelcome, painting friends...

"Play is the highest form of research."   Albert Einstein

These last few weeks of summer will seem to evaporate faster than morning dew in the hot August sun!  Although we plan to make the most of each precious day, we're reminded that all we really have to live in is the present moment - whether we're working or playing.  So, let's resolve that whatever is on the day's "to do" list - patching walls or making calls, watching whales or taking sails -  we'll label it "research" and count it all as "play"! 

Our fall painting classes are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 15th. In the meantime there's a lot happening here during the next several weeks - a few fun day trips with friends in between home/studio repair projects and the creation of exciting new art designs. Stay informed with weekly updates - on the Blog page of our website and by signing up below for our email list.  Please, let's stay in touch!

Make a mark... Make a statement... Make friends... Make art!

Thank you for spending time with us.  Please come back and visit often.  Our painting friends are always welcome!


Cranberry Painter Decorative Arts Studio offers a spacious, bright classroom overlooking cranberry bogs, woodlands and saltwater views of Buttermilk Bay on Cape Cod.  Since 1986, friendship, encouragement, and painting fun are always on the schedule!  Come, be inspired, and be welcomed by our group of creative friends.


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