"Bubble Beachstones" in Watercolor

"Bubble Beachstones" in Watercolor "Bubble Beachstones" in Watercolor "Bubble Beachstones" in Watercolor
"Bubble Beachstones" in Watercolor

The salt, salt smell of the thick sea air,
And the smooth round stones that the ebbtides wear,—
           When will the good ship come?

from the poem "Cape Cod" by George Santayana

Let's walk along a sandy Cape Cod beach...  Smell the salty air!  Listen to the rhythm of the waves washing over the smooth, round stones!  Observe the fascinating colors, textures, and patterns beneath your toes!  Now let's paint... "Bubble Beachstones" in Watercolor!

Everyone loves blowing bubbles!  I'll share with you a simple formula for creating colored bubbles that can be imprinted on paper and used as a base for unique watercolor art. No two paintings will be alike! Your original artwork can be displayed in a matted frame under glass or reproduced as digital prints for note cards, invitations, and a host of summer craft projects.

It's fun and it's FREE!

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Free For Friends projects include .pdf documents that you can download to your computer for your personal use and enjoyment.  No physical goods are included.  You are welcome to share your finished artwork with your friends!   Happy painting!

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