Zoom Room Doom

I love technology.  Honestly.  I really do.  I love the excitement and challenge of learning new programs.  I love exploring the possibilities that each new app or platform holds.  And, generally, I can figure things out fairly quickly on my own or by watching a few YouTube tutorials.  But, I must admit, lately, my enthusiasm has turned to frustration when it comes to working with Zoom. 

Painting Needfuls

I could lose myself for hours wandering the web looking for and comparing art supplies.  So many choices!  How many of us have boxes of paints, surfaces, and gadgets that seemed like a great buy at the time, only to end up collecting dust in the back of a closet?  Yep, that's me too.  But I still get as excited as a kid with a new box of crayons on the first day of school when the FedEx man drops that brown box on my doorstep.  How about you?

Treasure from the sea...

How precious is this!?  It's the perfect 5 in x 7 in. size to fit in the video frame for our classes, and it's made of porcelain so it's heavy and stable enough not to slip or tip over. 

Gotta love this Bower Bird Watercolor Palette


August gotcha hot? "Paint Cool Pops"!

Rainbow Popcicle by Laure Paillex 2020Cool and fruity color theory!

Complimentary watermelons, analogous mangos and grapes, full-spectrum rainbow flavors for mid-summer treats!

There's a lot of playful sweetness to enjoy in this new online class with Lauré and friends.  Not only will we experiment with color combinations, but we'll also discover ways to add texture to our luscious watercolor creations.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Week!

Ice-cream-cone-watercolor-laure-paillex-2020Did you know that the third week in July is National Ice Cream Week? As if we need an official proclamation to venerate the yummy, creamy confection we all love! 

So, in honor of this week-long celebration, I think it's appropriate to have a party - a virtual


You're invited to attend this FREE online class hosted via Zoom on


Choose one of two seatings - Thursday morning at 11 AM and Thursday evening at 7 PM - and


I'm now on PATREON!

Laure Paillex Patreon Banner image2020Patreon is a membership website platform that enables artistic content creators (like me!) to offer exclusive, valuable bonus content for their loyal fans (like you!).  The content (called BENEFITS) is bundled into Tiers which vary in price based upon the value of the materials and benefits being offered at each Level. When you become a supporting "patron" at any level you choose, the monthly fee for that Tier is automatically charged to your chosen payment method on the first of each month.

Paint with a thankful heart

watercolor-brushwork-floral-notes -laure-paillex  "The world has changed," we hear people lament. Most of us don't like change.  We like the "known", the predictable, the comfortable. It's too easy to fall into a rut of gloom and despair.

Free Online Classes in June!

Join Lauré & friends in our new online studio/classroom using ZOOM on your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone! Simply download the ZOOM app onto your device, set up a free ZOOM account, and log in to our classroom using either the direct link or the ID and passwords sent to you via Invitation Email. Join us for an hour of instruction, inspiration, and encouragement!

TUESDAY @ 10:00 AM (through June 30, 2020)

FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM (through June 26, 2020)

Explore ArtWeek 2020 - May 1 - 10

This is my happy place - colorful brushes by Laure Paillex Explore ArtWeek  #ArtWeekAtHome is the reimagined format replacing the original ArtWeek that would have featured almost 800 creative events in over 170 communities across the state, including many free events for families, children, residents, and visitors. On May 1st, originally slated for the canceled ArtWeek 2020 festival kick-off day, ArtWeek event hosts and partners will post links on social media to their online content including tours, concerts, at-home activities, or other creative programs while tagging #ArtWeekAtHome and @ArtWeekMA.

Easter Greetings

Easter blessings to my sweet painting peeps! 

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