Aug 12

Not that we need a reason to make art, but, it's good to have an answer handy if anyone should ask!  Art is an essential aspect of human life, and it has many benefits, including promoting a healthy lifestyle. Here are three ways that art can help you to develop and maintain good mental, physical, and social health:

  1. Art promotes mental health: Engaging in artistic activities can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Creating art allows…

Aug 7

Your color choices can set the mood for your message. 

Although professional artists may for years study the depths of color theory, nearly everyone can easily recognize the impact that color has on our perception of the world around us.  We decorate our baby's nursery in delicate pastels while the toddlers may go for brighter primary hues. Our places of rest and relaxation are more likely to be adorned with subdued blue and gray tones. Celebrations call for colors that POP! 

Aug 7

Hey, Artmaker!  Summertime is flying by, and we're already into the hot and hazy days of August.  Now is the time to re-charge your creative batteries by engaging in some artful play.  Try something new - just for the fun of it! 

Treat yourself to a new blank art journal - or  make your own flipbook from pieces of sample watercolor papers or drawing paper.  Even pages made of brown grocery bags can become masterpieces when filled with pencil sketches!    Play with the…