Summer by the Sea - Picture A Memory

Summer by the Sea - Mixed Media Painting by Laure Paillex c.2015All the summers of my life have been spent between the sandy beaches and ponds of Cape Cod and the rocky coastline of Maine.  I often joke that there's saltwater in my veins, sand in my shoes, and rocks in my head!  (That's Downeast humor!)

Snow... Snow... Go Away!

January Blizzard 2015The Great Blizzard of 2015 barrelled through our yard leaving an interesting pattern of bare frozen ground and 6-foot drifts.  Luckily the power lines held in our area - although we are prepared for such an event with an automatic power generator system.  Getting into the house from the street, however, is a major problem.  The wind piled up the snow into an 8-foot drift bl

Li'l Spookies

"Li'l Spookies" Craft Project by Laure PaillexAutumn in New England is my favorite time and place!  I love everything about the season - the  warm colors, the rich natural textures, the spicy-sweet scents of fresh-baked pumpkin pies and fresh-picked apples, comfy jeans and sweaters and wool tweed jackets.  October and November are "harvest and thanksgiving celebration" months

Chalky Finish Paints - Transforming Trash to Tres Chic!

This sad little side table followed us from Maine and hid in the basement for a few years patiently waiting for a total make-over.  It was dirty, scuffed and nicked, and the varnish on the top was worn off in places.  Poor baby! 

Studio Closed for repairs and renovations - July 1-5

2014 closetWould you believe... ?  All that "stuff" came out of the top half of my art closet?!

2015 FALL PAINTING Session begins September 15th

We'll be welcoming back our painting friends for more exciting
Fall Classes Beginning
Tuesday, September 15th
  • Tuesday Morning - 9:30 AM - 12 Noon
  •  Tuesday Afternoon - 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM (Class

3/26 Wednesday Evening Class Cancelled

Let's hope this is the last Nor'easter of the winter!  Although here on the bay the storm brought little snow, the freezing temps and high winds would make for a very unpleasant nighttime drive.  So, once again, no painting class tonight.

Stay in and keep warm.

2/19 Wednesday Eve Class Cancelled

Another class cancellation tonight. Hopefully, the rain and warmer temps will soon melt the glacier of ice covering our parking area.  I miss my painting friends!

2/18 Tuesday Classes Cancelled

MORNING and AFTERNOON PAINTING CLASSES CANCELLED - February 18th.  Our driveway and parking area are covered with ice chunks and patches - the salt/sand we had delivered last week washed away with the rain and then the weekend snow/sleet mess froze everything up again!  Will this winter ever end?!

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