Storm Warning: Wed. Eve Class Cancelled

Storm Sky 20150930Due to the impending storm and potentially bad driving conditions our Wednesday evening painting class is cancelled for tonight.  Heavy rain, high winds and possible flooding in low-lying areas - a good night to stay in and cuddle up with whatever warms your heart!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week - OCTOBER 7th!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Finale


Here's a "Before and After" collage to give you a sampling of the studio/pantry makeover.  Many thanks to our friend Maggie who helped sort and clean the pantry contents before it all got put back in place! 

Lauré Paillex Studio Before/After

"Working Up a Storm"

All the activity around here must have disturbed the atmosphere!  A rare, still moment on Buttermilk Bay (the front window view from our studio) and looking across the cranberry bogs to the north (the view from the back

A Day at the Shore - "Shoreline" Workshops

Everyone was delighted with their "Shoreline" collage canvas paintings - each piece was uniquely beautiful - just like the artist who created it!  It was a fun and relaxing day just playing with paints, textures and natural materials, and the weather was perfect, too.  Lunch on the deck with yummy treats.  One of our friends called it a "painting day spa"!

Summer by the Sea - Picture A Memory

Summer by the Sea - Mixed Media Painting by Laure Paillex c.2015All the summers of my life have been spent between the sandy beaches and ponds of Cape Cod and the rocky coastline of Maine.  I often joke that there's saltwater in my veins, sand in my shoes, and rocks in my head!  (That's Downeast humor!)

Snow... Snow... Go Away!

January Blizzard 2015The Great Blizzard of 2015 barrelled through our yard leaving an interesting pattern of bare frozen ground and 6-foot drifts.  Luckily the power lines held in our area - although we are prepared for such an event with an automatic power generator system.  Getting into the house from the street, however, is a major problem.  The wind piled up the snow into an 8-foot drift bl

Li'l Spookies

"Li'l Spookies" Craft Project by Laure PaillexAutumn in New England is my favorite time and place!  I love everything about the season - the  warm colors, the rich natural textures, the spicy-sweet scents of fresh-baked pumpkin pies and fresh-picked apples, comfy jeans and sweaters and wool tweed jackets.  October and November are "harvest and thanksgiving celebration" months

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